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Too much life overwhelming you?
Too much incessant negative chatter taking over?
Getting out ahead of that can leave you exhausted and still not able to move through.

Looking after your self-talk and how you allow your mind to operate is a priority.

Not looking after yourself first is commonplace. Remembering it’s all about you isn’t always natural. Putting your own oxygen mask on first and feeding your mind with great thoughts, ideas and inspiration will help you to flourish and care for others in a bigger way than you could imagine.

After a lifetime of learning about the mind and how it operates and also enduring 2 years of depression prior to a cancer diagnosis, Deborah Fielding is well versed on how to build a resilient mind through kindness and a quiet inner strength that will support you during tougher times.

Support yourself or a loved one with a message a day to keep you uplifted, inspired, resilient, true to yourself and cared for.

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Business Owner Adrianne knows only too well how life can be tough to handle

Adrianne has worked with Deborah Fielding for 5 years and is never shy of doing the internal work. Here is what she had to say:

I’m delighted to receive these messages. Deborah is the queen of Brighter Thinking. Her attitude is for every problem there is a solution, which most often is a change in thinking and an answer to said problem in quick pursuit. Deborah understands how darker thinking can affect you, but she knows also how to flip it over to a way that is more useful for everyone. 


Alison is Director of Integrated Marketing Events at Disney and has known many twists and turns in her life

Starting life as a dancer which is where she first met Deborah Fielding… aged 3 years old. Alison had this to say:

I continue to be amazed by Deborah’s ability to pick herself up when life throws a curved ball and things get tough.  It’s these challenges and darker times that have given her the personal experience, wisdom and resolve to make the best life and to make tomorrow a brighter day.  Her constant positivity and determination compliment her nurturing and coaching abilities to guide and support when things are tough.  When you need support or a helping hand 365 daily messages of brighter thinking will bring a ray of sunshine to lift your day. I love them!




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