from one patient
to another

Written by Deborah Fielding a cancer survivor, and collaborating with other survivors and thrivers, the recipient of 365 Days of Cancers is in safe and experienced hands.

In addition, some messages will guide them to additional resources to support their experience.

This is an expression of sustained and sustaining support.

And it is not limited to those in the painful position of looking on. If you are a patient, this may well be something you want to give yourself.

There are on average 1,000 new cancer patients every day. It is life changing. It is tough. Not just for the patient, but for those looking on too. Knowing what to do for the best is a hard call.

Supporting a loved one through a diagnosis with an inspiring, uplifting, encouraging message every day for 365 days is an affirmation of your care for them.

“I look forward to these messages arriving every morning. I do enjoy them. Some of them make me think and are provoking in such a marvellous way”




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Author of the 'Cancer Whisperer' and cancer thriver Sophie Sabbage was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer in 2014

With multiple tumours in her lungs, lymph nodes, bones and brain, Sophie began her ‘survival plan’ days after her diagnosis.

The Cancer Whisperer remains one of the most powerful books to read during a diagnosis, in fact even if you don’t have cancer at all!

Sophie collaborated on some of the early 365 messages and said “I loved the concept of supporting someone through their diagnosis for a year. There is no telling just how helpful that is. It has been a pleasure contributing to 365 Days of Cancers and supporting my cancer community”


Paul went for a routine health check for his job as a pilot...

Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, Paul lives in the countryside with his wife and beautiful twin daughters.

Especially poignant, as Sophie Williamson, Paul’s daughter is the illustrator for all the 365 pictures. She was 17 when she started the project. Paul had not been diagnosed.

At the start of the 365s Paul and his wife were very early, inspirational and enthusiastic supporters.

The messages have now taken on a slightly different meaning for Paul, who says “I love these messages with their pretty illustrations, they remind me I am not alone in this.”




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