5 Winning Habits For Change


Life can be gloriously messy sometimes you already know there is no avoiding that! Going in the flow of it can help you keep your mind above water. Finding ways to help you swim downstream rather than against the current heading upstream can enormously help those times. Here are 5 winning habits for change to help you deal with that.

Change comes at you many times in a day, let alone a week! Juggling work and significant life events can knock you off your flow, juggling a divorce and anything else can upset the apple cart, going through emotional times with children as well as your emotional conditions can send you into a spin. The list is endless, in fact.

Here are five quick ways to navigate your way through and possibly keep you out of choppy waters mentally. 

5 Winning Habits For Change
  1.   Visualise yourself into a brighter space.

Visualise yourself a day/week/month from now – for sure, your current reality will have changed even if you do nothing! Change happens all the time, as we know too well. It can happen for the better too. 

We spend much of our time in our heads, in fight or flight mode, from the dark ages, which we don’t need now. Self-preservation and all that. But how about we turn that on its head and expect great things all the time?

If you are having a tough time today – tomorrow is another day. Or sooner if you can hit that reset button quicker. Nothing goes on forever. You change and move through things, so even if things are tough right now – keep looking for the chink of light because for sure it is out there.

Often when you look back, your problem is gone. It might take a few weeks or even years, but it is manageable.

  1. Drainers or Radiators?

Move from draining conversations and people that constantly drain you. Moving out of the way of people that drain you rather than radiate you, is something you need to do and be aware of all the time. It isn’t a fault of the other person. There is no need to have bad feelings about them. It just means that your chemistry, your energies, don’t chime. So step aside. Same when you find yourself engaging in a negative conversation. 

My daughter is fabulous at this. One of my proudest moments when she was at primary school was when her teacher told me that if she can’t affect a good outcome and the girls are caught in a name-calling cycle, she will just walk away rather than fuel it. It’s the same for adults, I can’t be more surprised than when I hear a “she said, he said” conversation because that conversation is damaging for you too.

  1. Celebrate everything!

My last 24 hour celebrations would look like this – 

I restarted exercising again yesterday after being unwell – yes!

My daughter went off happily back to uni this morning without any anguish – yes!

It rained a bit this morning and then the sun came back again – yes!

I had some extra sales on my 365 Days of Messages – yes!

I’ve got a big challenge going on in my life right now, but I’m starting to win with my self-talk – yes!

I was invited to grape pick at the harvest of the local vineyard – yes!

See how you can get on a roll? Celebrate everything – and for the bigger wins, there is always champagne!

Can you see how your mood wins over even your most determined miserable self!

Don’t laugh it off. Try it!

  1. Life is not perfect!

Accept that life is not perfect. Not ever!

And that is the beauty of the road you are travelling in effect that’s where the juice of your life lies.

The fabric of your life gets stronger while working through the mistakes you make it allows you to grow and see new things and learn by being imperfect. 

I want to say, with love, of course – hiding behind being perfect is a beautiful way of your mind telling you to play it safe and that you are not good enough.

 It’s an excuse and nothing less.

The trick is recognising that, seeing it in your own life, and telling it to sod off. Anyone here hiding behind perfection?

  1. Dress it up!

Something I love to do is dress the occasion up! I am properly the frock lady. I love a frock. One of my friends said that she doesn’t go to a wedding looking like I did when I was out on a dog walk one time!

Now look I know that isn’t the deal for everyone. But what is your deal? How do you make the most of yourself and just lift yourself up in some small way. A new tie, best shirt, the ring your Gran gave you, worn on a dull day, can lift your spirits.

 It can make a huge difference.  

What next?

There you go!

5 quick, small and easy changes to implement for your week.

Let me know how you get on!

If you are wondering what is coming next for you, what direction you want to head in, how to handle change that has landed on your lap or wanting to change your life in some way – I recorded a live event last week addressing all of those things. You can see what it’s all about here and take a look if you want to find some quick and easy wins for yourself.

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