365 days
of messages

Since the glorious day I was told in my school report aged 8 years old, that ‘Deborah would do better if she didn’t take so long to go round the whole class to make sure they were OK’, I have known that is my purpose in life. I was the ‘go-to’ friend, and still am when the going gets tough.

When life sits on you we all need support; a helping hand that will keep you uplifted.

It was during a cancer diagnosis that I knew I must support others going through a tough time. It was physically and mentally grinding. One of the toughest of my life and I even had the stunning support of 42 bouquets of flowers in 50 weeks and a huge team of cheerleaders. Crazy!

It was while my home was turning into a florist that I wondered about providing longer-lasting support for others in a similar position.

I wanted to offer more than a bouquet of flowers that die, or a card that gets thrown away or stuck in a drawer.

Your world can close in on you in an instant. At times like that there is only one way to deal with something so seismic, and that is to go through it; deal with it. In whatever way you can. However long you need. Whatever it takes.

I am a great advocate of looking after your mind. It needs feeding with good things. Once it is fed it will carry you far. Where your mind goes your body follows, which is easier said than done when you are being stamped on.

As an Entrepreneur I spend my time living in other people’s hearts and minds; wondering what is missing in the world; in your world.

What is missing in the world of a brighter mind, a more energised body and tip-toeing your way through a cancer diagnosis is adding extra support, every day, from someone that has been there. Someone to hold your hand along the way. Someone that knows the right things to say for you and to you.

My dream is to make the home of 365’s an extraordinary experience of trust, confidence and love.

I have a purpose in life and giving someone a virtual hand to hold is huge. In words that I can relate to from one customer of 365 Days of Breast Cancer;

“I felt that I wanted to end it all in round 2 of chemotherapy.
I decided to wait till 11am when your next message would arrive. I did. I’m still here… so are you. Thank you”




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