Ovarian Cancer Month – What you need to know

March is Ovarian Cancer Month – one of the most common types of cancer in women.

And it’s a hugely important cancer to be aware of – the earlier it’s diagnosed and treated, the higher your chances of a successful outcome.

 And although we’re reaching the end of the month, nothing will change as we come into April – ovarian cancer will continue to affect women all over the world, so I thought it was essential to put together a piece that’ll raise awareness and ensure that you know enough about it, as well as the warning signs to give yourself the very best chance of an early diagnosis and treatment.

I’m very grateful to our partners over at Penny Brohn for providing us with a lot of useful background information, as well as a story for those dealing with ovarian cancer. You can see their article HERE.

Can you live well, despite ovarian cancer?

Yes.  Through the fantastic work done by Penny Brohn, many patients have learnt to live well with ovarian cancer.

One inspirational story is told by Jim, whose wife Sandra was diagnosed in 2013 – click here to read the full story on Penny Brohn’s website.

And of course, our 365 Days of Cancers service can help support you or a loved one for an entire year – click here to find out more about it now.


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