Listening in on others people lives that have been through adversity and pulled their way through to a happier place.

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Weight loss chat with Evie Nutrition – round two… did it work?? Part 2

Returning to chat with Evie Nutrition about her weight loss programme. I put my hand up to join the programme and report back. Quite the …

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Helen Desborough

As I launch www.365daysofbreastcancer.com this week, I have a heart to heart with ex Professional Dancer and mother of 2, Helen Kennedy, who tells us …

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Mike Dicks

After half a dozen careers and a full on skirmish with Cancer, Mike Dicks has reinvented himself as an …

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Brenda Jallum

Brenda Jallum is a volunteer at Wycombe Hospital on the Chemotherapy Ward. Steadfastly serving teas and coffees she holds …

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