Supporting A Supporter

Sometimes in life, you come across, step into, stumble upon, something special.

You know those times, right?

Like the time some years ago, I was in a grumpy mood and heading over to look at a venue on a lake in the Cotswolds.

The owner greeted me, and I did my best to hide my grrrr featured on my insides as he took me in a boat across the lake on this sunny Friday morning. The place was utterly gorgeous, and here I was being rowed by – I’m sure it was – Adonis.

How did that happen?

And so it was when I recently “stumbled upon” Lindengate Mental Health Charity.

Partnering with charities and supporting the people they work with was a natural step for 365 Days Of Messages. It happened as naturally as putting salt on chips. Helping people that are struggling with mental wellbeing through life hammering down on them is part of our service.

It’s the reason Lindengate exist too, to support people in recovering from a range of everyday mental health needs. They are situated in a 5-acre plot and no two visits are the same. Just like my trip across the lake that day, when you arrive at Lindengate, you are transported to another world.

Here’s just some of what their Social & Therapeutic Horticulture service can do:

  • increased mental wellbeing;
  • reduction in depression, anxiety and stress symptoms;
  • improvement in dementia-related symptoms; improved self-esteem, confidence and mood;
  • increased attentional capacity and cognition;
  • improved happiness, quality of life and a sense of peace;
  • increased social contact, inclusion and a sense of belonging;
  • and an increase in work skills, meaningful activity and personal achievement.

As Lindengate helps people restore and heal, 365 Days Of Brighter Thinking allows people to rebuild and strengthen.

We shared a few Zoom calls because who doesn’t these days? I also popped up to see them, to love the peace that washes over you. And last Friday, we launched our partnership. Coming together to support people into an easier place mentally.

You can find Lindengate HERE

You can find 365 Days Of Brighter Thinking HERE

As for the trip across the lake, well, looking for times like that and saying ‘yes’ when they arrive is what keeps you warm in life. What can you do for yourself to take you out of yourself?

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