It’s a Dastardly Deed

It’s a dastardly deed. Telling your children about a cancer diagnosis. There is simply no easy way to do it. I chose to hold on to my diagnosis until I knew where I was heading. That way I could give them a truthful conversation – as far as I knew, to that point. The biggest […]

Introducing A Journey for Women 50+

Welcome to 365 Days of Journal Prompts the dawn of a transformative experience tailored just for you— a brand-new feature from 365 Days of Messages!  Embrace the power of introspection and self-discovery with our thoughtfully crafted prompts designed to resonate with women aged 50 and above, while proving beneficial for all ages. 365 Days of […]

The Powerful Connection Of How Nutrition Impacts Mental Health

B Vitamins

You asked us how nutrition impacts your mental health and if there is any correlation. Such a great question, and here is the answer. It amazes me how backwards we are sometimes in our approach to nutrition. How can it be that we cannot link what we put into our body – drugs, information, water, […]

Woman survives and is thriving!

Survive vs Thrive

What do you mean Survive vs Thrive? A ‘personal observation’ about choosing to survive vs thrive: I use the word thrive, a lot!  Heck, my women’s membership is called 365 Thrive. But when someone said I hope you are thriving to me, here was the response in my head. Yes, I am, thanks.  More thriving […]