The story of Brighter Thinking

Let me guess…

You are thinking through the math.

The cogs are turning.

1,095 messages is a ton of writing already with three other 365s. Why would you add another 365 to that tally? 

But 365 Days of Brighter Thinking had been calling me for years.

There are issues with brighter thinking. Which is all totally normal…

That is, it can be swiped from you without you even realising. One minute you are heading along nicely. The next down in the doldrums. 

Even with your brightest of intentions life has a habit of coming at you heavily at times. 

Who wouldn’t want help with that?

I went through two years of feeling depressed. But I didn’t even know! I was walking through mental treacle. Slapping a smile on every day and heading out into the world. 

There’s even a name for it that I had no clue about – High functioning depression.

If you had told me I would have argued with you. I don’t do depression. I do fed up. Not depression.

Fortunately I came out of it. I was able to reclaim myself and my colourful mind returned.

But. I have experienced it and I’ve been painfully aware of how debilitating that is. How it can follow you around like a black cloud. Raining on you at will. Sometimes the storm kicks up and thunder roars at you making you turn back on yourself. Making you shrink.

People bang on about being positive without giving it any thought. I’ve heard many people say how positivity is like covering dog doo in sugar and calling it a cake! That always makes me laugh wryly because without understanding yourself and what a positive approach might mean for you, that description will be exactly right.

I know that depression is a thing. I’ve been there. But here is the thing… I can’t bear that people are struggling through life without any help. Maybe like me, not even knowing they have it.

Keeping depression at bay is a tough haul and requires some inner work. For sure if you don’t do the work, that sunny day will soon have black clouds emerging.

365 Days of Brighter Thinking?

Most definitely a nuts decision; but guiding people each day to a brighter thought, letting them add up day after day, layer after layer is everything. 

Coming out of a miserable time requires tools to lean on and support to uphold you. It requires the ability to understand yourself a bit more and even maybe laugh at yourself from time to time.

A good friend asked if it was time to walk away from the 365s before they started to take off. It was a hard slog to begin with. As I hung up the phone I felt quite clear that 365 Days of Brighter Thinking had to emerge. I am expanding, not shrinking. I am keeping my mind in a sunny space and I want that for others too.

So 1,095 happily became 1,460 messages.

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