Gratitude is a powerful thing…

Gratitude is a powerful thing in every aspect of your life. If you take a 360-degree turn, (that’s 360, not 365!), there are people contributing to your wellbeing if you take a good look.

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to count your blessings, for they are right in front of you.

Other times they are hidden. Like little gems. For example, when I was undergoing treatment I came to realise that my blessings were to be found with a team of complete strangers that had my back. Well and truly had my back. All I had to do was lean into them, let go of the control for a while, and be grateful beyond measure that they were looking after me. I needed that.

Building a business is no different. It starts off as a little shoot. It starts pricking at your thoughts. Occasionally you can act straight away. Other times you need to have a boulder drop bang in front of you to make you pay attention.

I think that’s what happened to me with my cancer diagnosis. I’m not saying that is why it happened; but who knows? I am saying that from a very young age I have been at my best when I have been making a difference to others.

I dare you to take a good look at yourself as a 7-10-year-old mini you and tap into the joy that you were. That person right there, right in the heart of you, is the key to your happiness and what you stand for as a person.

If you don’t know what you stand for, you can’t stand back up when you are brought down.

Amid one of my darkest hours, it came to me that I must help others going through a cancer diagnosis. I must help people with breast cancer and see them through their journey. Other cancers were not to be ignored. And while I was struggling to pull myself through I turned to my nutrition to help me. This led me to know that there are sooo many others not feeling at their best that could be lifted by better nutrition. Add into that, how vital it is to keep your mental wellbeing in the right place, and that was me on a mission!

(One little thing on the nutrition front… if you are going through stress, your body will use your Vitamin B stores to help fight the inflammation that the stress has caused and so can’t be used to help you with any stress and anxiety. It’s a big topic but that one little thing blows my mind.)

And the journey begins. The gratitude for the help I have received began and to be honest hasn’t stopped.

I want to thank Kate Lester… businesswoman extraordinaire with a huge heart. She gave me what I needed most to get me back on my feet after everything had imploded, and that was time. Time to talk through what I was about, what I stood for. That afternoon in Kate’s office was memorable. Both of us having a similar idea and being brave enough to put what we thought on the table. Kate taking the time to let me catch up with what she already knew about me and exploding ‘Finally! Thank f**k for that!’ when I whispered tentatively that I dive out of bed to help and inspire people!! Haha, this moment will always make me laugh. I was still quite poorly at that stage and it took me sleeping for 3 solid days and my head whirring with ideas to get myself back together again! Forever grateful.

I want to thank Joy and Paul Williamson (the Williamson family are immense), for chasing me up the road one afternoon and handing me a cheque to get my business off the ground when I had nothing. Absolutely nothing! They started off my journey. The thing is you don’t need to see every step. You don’t need to know every outcome. You must be brave and passionate to your soul to start on your way. They gave me the lift I needed that day to this. Forever grateful.

I needed a system to deliver my messages of hope, encouragement and inspiration to people. I knew a man that could help me. He came in the shape of David Holland at Exela at He had a system and he knew how to use it! When I explained what I was trying to do David dived in to get me back on my feet. Both of us are business people and he knew that being knocked off my perch had been devastating. He has given his time and patience, oh lots of patience, to enable me to get to grips with the beast that I have built that runs the whole machine. I’m supremely grateful that one of us knows what I am doing and it isn’t me!

I have been incredibly supported by my ex-in-laws who I love so much. Without them, I would have been on my knees financially. They have always been supportive of me and we see each other at least once a week. They are the blessing in my divorce (children excluded) and I am forever grateful to have had them in my life for such a long time now.

I started writing this blog in particular for these two people that come next, but it seemed simply incorrect to miss out the other people who have been so pivotal.

Getting your message across and giving some life to your service, I know is best when you deliver a video that can give you all the information you need. Which left me no option but to get in front of the camera. I cannot begin to tell you how alien this is for me and something that I am not sure I will ever enjoy. But people access information in different ways and visually we needed something to deliver that.

I had heard copious times from my friend how wonderful her son was. How he was setting up his own business. How he was 17 and going for it. How lovely he was! You know motherlove is a very strong force.

I decided I would give this youngster a try. I’m always keen to support people coming up and this was a perfect opportunity. Little was I to know that we were going to collaborate so well. It was as easy as you like. Aside from one video when I had menopause brain and spent most of my time laughing and saying I had forgotten everything I needed to say, hadn’t made any notes and have no idea what I was doing. So Ky Swordy you superstar, you mother isn’t wrong! Thank you for nudging, pointing, explaining, listening, guiding, and being ever so patient! You did a great job here and are far beyond your years. The topics you worked on were delicate, understood and delivered.

To get my messages across and to bring them to life I decided I needed an illustration or drawing or painting or something meaningful. I mentioned it to my daughter who pointed me to her lovely close friends from primary school and who I love. Sophie Williamson (I told you the Williamsons were immense) stood up for the job. All 365 and then some, drawings and logos and borders. She was 17 when she started. Her depth and understanding of a very sensitive and complex illness have been remarkable. She has been a joy to work with and blown me away with some of the material she has produced. A talented and smart young lady. Just like her twin sister.

Counting your blessings? I have many to count. I didn’t have to look far for these blessings. They jumped out at me, literally, sometimes. There is a gazillion hidden behind these. Finding the multitude of layers that they appear in is the greatest fun and keeps you warm for a long time. Give it a go!

Now. These messages aren’t going to deliver themselves. Let me get going so that they can reach the people that need them.

Till next time…

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