What about 365 for Cancers?

Let me be totally honest here…

Having written 365 messages for 365 Days of Breast Cancer and then another 365 messages for 365 Days of Nutrition, there was no plan to do anymore!

‘Ah shame!’ ‘Too bad.’ ‘You should at least think about it’. I’d get this comment every single week when I replied that there were no plans to do a 365 for Cancers.

Have you ever experienced that nudge in your life?

I’m sure you have if you are used to listening to your instincts. It’s usually when you are not listening that you come a cropper, and usually when you are that the best things happen for you.

And so, it was for me here. Non stop nudges until the decision was made.

Embarking on 365 Days of Cancers felt just as empowering as the others. I collaborated with several cancer patients on some of the messages and was thrilled to utilise young Sophie Willamsons drawings again too.

In fact as it took momentum it became a joyous experience to be able to support patients during their toughest hours. 

It also gave me the opportunity in supporting Maggie’s Cancer Care centres. We filmed a video over in Oxford, I was honoured to have the opportunity to promote a most wonderful place. 

There are several centres all over the UK and if you are supporting someone through cancer, or if it is you, turning to Maggie’s for help will be one of the best things you can do.

There are more than several problems when going through cancer aside from the obvious…

It tends to go on and on.

Some days and weeks there feels like there is no let up.

Trying to find the best words to use either for yourself, or a loved one, can be a minefield.

Even the best intentions can hit a wall sometimes.

Being a caring supporter or even with yourself, isn’t easy some days.

I always remember someone saying to me and about me during treatment, that they felt like they were ‘walking on eggshells.’ I pondered this statement for a while and calmly replied ‘so do I. With myself. So do I.’

It was easy to bring in the solution to that conundrum…

As the flowers came and went, filling multiple vases (42 bouquets in 50 weeks), and then they were thrown away. I wanted a better solution to offer cancer patients.

Support every single day for a year.

As the patient – support, care, encouragement, tips, love, staying the course with you, holding your hand, gently probing your thoughts, lifting you up every day, a constant. 

As the carer – finding the right thought, the right tone, reminding the patient that you are in their thoughts every day, supporting, caring, sent with love and a point of conversation,

In the end it was great that I followed my inspirational nudge over. 

Cancer is a tricky customer, but the love and care around it can be made slightly easier and it is priceless to know you are not alone.

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