Why is there 365 Days of Nutrition?

Why is there 365 Days of Nutrition?

A very good question!

You have at least wanted to eat better at some point in your life.

Am I right?

Maybe you’ve put yourself on a specific diet.

Or decided to eat more vegetables and fruit in search of a better feeling.

Possibly cutting out chocolate in your quest for less sugar!

Whether you did all of those things or none of those, learning about your nutrition or diet from time to time is a smart idea.

There is a huge problem with that, and it comes down to how we have learned to consume information.

Delving through masses of nutritional information can be at the very least overwhelming. It can be for even the keenest of Nutritionists.

That’s because reading through a huge tome lacks one thing in our consuming in bite-sized pieces world, that we have trained ourselves toward. That is…


Pre my cancer diagnosis I wouldn’t say that I didn’t eat well. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t know a little bit about nutrition. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t know a bit about cancer even.

Have you had this experience… that when you actually get stuck into something you are learning about, you realise you didn’t know very much at all!

Getting a cancer diagnosis has this habit of making you take a close look at your life. Every area of it!

It was only natural that food came under scrutiny while being treated. Though during that time my nurses were keen for me to put weight on and not lose it.

While I was eating reasonably well before my diagnosis, I wanted to eat super well, and get to grips with the whole nutrition situation. I must add here that I am not saying for one minute that my diet was the cause of being diagnosed.

Knowing that nutrition wasn’t my area of expertise, but wanting to do better for my health, and to also help others in the quest of eating better one day at a time, I set out to work with passionate Nutritionists and put together an easy to consume solution.

365 Days of Nutrition became a labour of love. Putting together this vast amount of information into bite-sized pieces delivered by email every day for a year. Co-creating with several Nutritionists at the top of their game in their specific areas.

It’s a no brainer to learn this way. It is easy.

You won’t let yourself off the hook, because the messages don’t stop simply because you feel like ‘ah sod it!’

You will learn more and retain more as it comes to you in easy to digest chunks.

You can build layer upon layer as we tackle vitamins, hydration, foods to eat when you are unwell, planning a better way… the list goes on.

It’s a gentle informative experience and I love how it is changing shopping baskets all over the world.

And as for me? Well, I am happily removing the weight at a steady pace in a super healthy way and keeping well.

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