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Backtrack to February 2018 when I skipped into the Breast Unit on my own, not thinking for one second there would be a problem. Everything happened very fast from there…

Surgery led to an unexpected result of aggressive cancer, that led to chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy. 54 weeks of treatment in total. Not for the faint-hearted.

Weight gain, hair loss, weight loss, weight gain… again. Feeling well. Feeling sick. Aching. Tired. The list is a long one. A lack of recognition of who I am anymore. A lack of recognition of where I am heading, too. Yet at the same time, a clarity like I never knew. Add to that 42 bouquets of flowers in 50 weeks! It was a crazy time.

At one of the most challenging times of my life, Cancer has given me so much; not least a purpose to help some of the 55,000 patients diagnosed every year.

“It is wonderful to feel the enormous love and support from friends and family at a time like this. It makes ALL the difference in the world to know that people care and are there for you. To be reminded of this every day is something really special…”

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Bee a single mother of two teenage daughters, was diagnosed through a routine screening.

It was a tough time in her life having just left a 17 year marriage, undergoing the 4th bout of pneumonia, losing one of her closest friends to a brain tumour, and trying to provide a normal life for her daughters.

Bee said ‘being diagnosed left me feeling vulnerable. Receiving support at a time like this is everything. People don’t always know what to say to you and 365 Days of Breast Cancer just moves stealthily through all of that.’


Sabrina found her lump while doing a Pilates class. She was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and had to put her life on hold.

I immediately liked 365 Days of Breast Cancer messages. They enabled me to empower myself and regain some element of control at a frightening time in my life. The essence of the daily message was about how our beliefs and attitudes can affect and influence how we cope with, manage and recover from. So so helpful, and uplifting! Through your daily encouraging messages and podcasts, you have given me so much strength, hope, and some days were even just perfect for that day and really boosted my energy and spirits!

In spite of all the negative stories, one can have a long, meaningful life and find joy again.




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