do you, or someone you love always work towards

improving your mental well-being?

Whether you are in a bad space or simply wanting to keep yourself lifted, we all have times when we might wrestle with our mind.

For only £36.50 give A gift for a year. Support for a lifetime.

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Is too much life overwhelming you? Too much incessant negative chatter taking over?

Or are you a happy being who knows your mental health takes work… every day?

For less than 10p per day looking after your self-talk and how you allow your mind to operate is a priority.

Remember, it’s all about you. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

Feeding your mind with a daily message of great thoughts, ideas, and inspiration will help you to flourish and care for others in a bigger way than you could imagine.

Support yourself or someone you care for with a message a day to keep you uplifted, inspired, resilient, true to yourself and cared for.

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Alison is a busy Freelance Event Producer.

Like many of us I have a stressful role with work which can involve quite a bit of travel. There are always new challenges to be had and I love it! 

I work hard to keep my mental health in a good place and I love receiving my little thought for the day, a piece of inspiration or an insight to think about. I’ve gifted many of these 365s to various friends too. They make a great gift! Thank you.

Karin lives in wales with her cat and the beautiful countryside.

I came across Deborah Fielding while I was going through breast cancer and immediately liked what she had to say on social media. I signed up to 365 Days of Breast Cancer which kept me going through a tough time.

I’ve been a part of many things Deborah has done – it just makes sense. I love my Brighter Thinking posts every morning, taking me away from a tough time to a brighter, healthier mind. 



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April 1, 2024

It’s a dastardly deed. Telling your children about a cancer diagnosis. There is simply no

Dieting vs 365 Days of Nutrition
Dieting vs 365 Days of Nutrition 
January 17, 2024

Heads up! 365 Days of Nutrition is NOT a diet. It isn’t intended to be