Has someone you love

been diagnosed with cancer?

When you are looking for a gift that will last longer than a bunch of flowers and make a difference, we will send simple, loving, inspirational and practical messages every day for a year. And all for the price of a bunch of flowers too.

A gift for a year. Support for a lifetime.

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from one patient
to another

Written and curated by Deborah Fielding, a cancer survivor who conceived the 365 Days of Messages brand.

Collaborating with cancer survivors and thrivers across the world, the recipient of these messages is in safe hands. In addition, some messages will guide them to additional resources to support their experience.

This is an expression of sustained and sustaining support. Deborah became quite ill dealing with the flowers she received; she knew there had to be something longer lasting and as supportive.

It is not limited to those in the painful position of looking on. If you are a patient, this may well be something you want to gift yourself.

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Sophie sabbage is the author of the cancer whisperer

During my cancer journey I met Deborah Fielding who asked me to contribute to 365 Days of Cancers. I love this idea wholeheartedly and was pleased to oblige.

I always adopt the attitude that I have cancer, cancer does not have me. 

Being able to help strengthen other people during an impossible time was an easy ‘yes’ from me.

Paul lives in new zealand with an unusual 365 story to tell

I am the father of Sophie Williamson who has illustrated the 365 Messages.

Little did I know I would be on the receiving end of these messages at the time that Sophie was working on the drawings.

When I was diagnosed with cancer it was a huge shock, like everyone. I had the added support of my daughter’s illustrations to keep me going and the messages are wonderful.



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