Introducing A Journey for Women 50+

Welcome to 365 Days of Journal Prompts the dawn of a transformative experience tailored just for you— a brand-new feature from 365 Days of Messages! 

Embrace the power of introspection and self-discovery with our thoughtfully crafted prompts designed to resonate with women aged 50 and above, while proving beneficial for all ages.

365 Days of Messages has always been committed to fostering connections, encouraging self-expression and courage, and inspiring personal growth. In line with this mission, we proudly present our latest offering—the 365 Days of Journal Prompts—which is a year-long journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, empowerment, and joy.

A Purposeful Adventure for Women 50+

Life is a magnificent tapestry woven with experiences, lessons, and moments that shape who we are. For women aged 50 and above, this stage often marks a period of reflection, rediscovery, and renewed purpose. 

Let’s face it at this age there have been all manners of life flung your way from divorce, empty nests, chronic illness, caring for parents and let’s not forget the glories of menopause, but don’t get despondent, this can be the richest time of your life.

Are writing prompts good?

Our journal prompts are specifically curated to align with this beautiful phase of life, providing a daily invitation to explore your thoughts, dreams, and desires.

Use journal prompts for mental health, gratitude journal prompts, journal prompts for self love, journal prompts for anxiety. There are so many uses with daily prompts for writing.

Following a guided journal prompt will enable you to tell your story whether you share it is up to you!

What Sets Us Apart

1. Tailored for Women 50+

While the prompts are curated with the wisdom and experiences of women 50+ in mind, they are universally relatable and suitable for women of all ages. Whether you’re navigating the joys of your golden years or finding your path in earlier stages of life, our prompts will guide you on a meaningful journey. They are a little bit more than ‘How am I feeling today?’

2. Two Ways to Dive In

Choose the path that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Opt for the £3.65 PDF instant download for immediate access to all 365 prompts, or embrace the anticipation with the £36.50 version that delivers a daily message directly to your inbox. Each email comes adorned with additional links, pictures, quotes, and insights, enriching your daily dose of inspiration.

3. More Than Just Words

Our prompts transcend traditional journaling. They are gateways to a world of self-discovery, offering not just questions but avenues to explore your passions, goals, and dreams. From engaging activities to reflective exercises, each prompt is a key that unlocks a deeper understanding of yourself.

365 Days of Journal Prompts

Nurturing Your Mind, One Prompt at a Time

Imagine starting each day with a message that sparks introspection, fuels your creativity, and nurtures your spirit. That’s the essence of 365 Days of Journal Prompts—a gentle nudge towards a more mindful, purposeful life.

How to Use Journal Prompts

Visit Our Website: Head to and explore the 365 Days of Journal Prompts section.

Choose Your Path: Select the option that suits you best—PDF instant download or daily inbox delivery.

Embrace the Experience: Let each prompt be a guide on your personal journey of growth and self-discovery.

Join us in celebrating the launch of one more addition to the 365 Brand—a celebration of the beauty in every day and the potential within every woman, regardless of age. 

Embrace the transformative power of daily introspection, and let the 365 Days of Journal Prompts be your companion on this remarkable journey of self-discovery.

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